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South Fairview 1st Church of God

A Chicken Barbecue will be held September 21 beginning at 11:00 a.m.
Our Community Fun Fest and Car Show will be held October 12 with free food and lots of family-friendly activities.
A Living Nativity will be held December 7-8.  Come experience a live presentation of the events of the first Christmas.

From PSP Carlisle:

As warmer weather approaches, there is typically an uptick of vehicle break-ins.  Remember to keep valuables out of sight, and your car doors locked.  While we give every effort to track down those responsible, not all crimes can be solved.

As the income tax deadline nears, scammers will call and pretend to be from the IRS.  The scammer will notify you of a warrant, or something which requires action on your behalf to stay out of trouble, and demand payment in the form of gift cards or electronic transfers.  No legitimate agency will ask for payment over the phone, payment via gift cards, nor payment through services like Western Union.  Be smart and don’t make yourself an easy victim.  If it sounds suspicious or you have a reason to doubt it, go with your instinct.