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Electronics Recycling

Electronics Recycling
Newville Borough has established an electronics recycling program. Electronic items including televisions, computers, monitors, keyboards and laptops are now accepted daily at the Newville Public Works Complex, 99 Cove Avenue. On the last Saturday of each month from 8AM to 12 Noon residents may also dispose of electronic items. Currently, the borough is working with Southampton Township to process the electronic items through a licensed recycler. The borough will continue to offer an electronics recycling program provided that the recycling facility continues to accept these items at no cost to the borough, and participants do not abuse the program by discarding other items. More information on this program can be found at www.newvilleborough.com. LIST OF ACCEPTABLE ELECTRONICS FOR RECYCLING 1. Answering Machine 2. Cell phone 3. Computers (desk & laptop) 4. Computer Peripherals (anything that connects to a computer) 5. Copier Equipment 6. CD players 7. Electric Typewriter 8. Fax Machine 9. Gaming Product 10. Hard Drive 11. Mainframe 12. Microwave Oven 13. Modem 14. Power Cord 15. Printed Circuit Board 16. Printer 17. Radio 18. Remote Control 19. Stereo Equipment 20. Tape Player 21. Telephone Equipment 22. Television (all sizes) 23. Television Peripherals (VCR, DVR, etc.) 24. Testing Equipment 25. Transparency Equipment 26. Uninterruptible Power Supply