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Sheaffer Drive & Gettle Road Abandonment Information

Posted November 20, 2020

Sheaffer Drive and Gettle Road Abandonment

The Board of Supervisors, as requested by our Roadmaster, has decided to abandon part of Sheaffer Drive from the Norfolk Southern Rail crossing south to Pine Road. Recent inspections show the bridge structure is deteriorating resulting in reduced weight carrying capability. The repairs needed to the bridge would require costly measures to prevent any material from falling into the Yellow Breeches Creek. Additionally, the replacement of the bridge is not an option due to the proximity of the Norfolk Southern tracks. Any excavation may undermine the rails resulting in the closure of the crossing, or a worst-case scenario, a derailment. Lastly, the minimal traffic on the road does not justify the costly expenditures required for repair.

Gettle Road will be abandoned from the intersection of the Walnut Bottom Road north to the paved area approximately ½ mile south of the intersection with Corman Road. The road is currently not maintained in the winter, and has very low vehicular traffic. Local citizens have reported vandalism of their property and deposits of trash along the road.