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During any significant snowfall the goal of the Township Road Crew is to clear or remove all snow from the roadways in order to provide all motorists with safe and passable roadways. It is imperative to remember that the driver of the plow has additional obstacles in their visual field and often cannot see you.  Please give them plenty of space and do not try to pass them unless there is an emergency.

Penn Township is not responsible for damage to mailboxes caused by snowplows since mailboxes are erected on the right-of-way at the property owner’s risk. Mailboxes should be placed a minimum of 4 feet from the blacktop. This will help prevent damage to your mailbox and to Township equipment during snow removal. Please feel free to contact the Township with any questions on mailbox placement.

PennDOT suggestions to reduce the possibility of mailbox damage:

  • Homeowners should make sure their mailbox is firmly supported and placed as far beyond the shoulder of the highway as the postal carrier can reach.
  • Place a 6 to 8 inch piece of reflective tape on the mailbox to help snowplow operators see the mailbox at night.
  • Remove snow from around the mailbox, but avoid throwing snow back on the roadway.
  • If the mailbox is located within the legal right-of-way and damage is experienced in the past, you may want to consider relocating your mailbox.
  • Homeowners can also consider installing a cantilevered mailbox support that will swing out of harms way.

Please remember that higher speeds are often necessary to contend with heavy, wet snow. Taking steps to ensure the visibility and stability of mailboxes will help snowplow operators and postal carriers continue to deliver quality service in winter.


Other reminders during Snow Plow Season:

  • Do not push snow out onto roadways at any time. This creates Hazardous conditions for all motorists and emergency vehicles.
  • Vehicles may not be parked along roadways and in cul-de-sacs. This makes it more difficult for drivers to maneuver the plow truck and properly clear the roadways.
  • Remove sports equipment (nets, hoops, backboards, etc.) from right-of-ways and cul-de-sacs. If not removed, any damaged incurred is the sole responsibility of the property owner.
  • Do not place trash and/or recycling bins near the roadway.

Please click the below link to view Snow Removal Diagrams for the proper way to clear your driveway.

Snow Removal Diagrams
Snow Removal Diagrams