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The Board of Supervisors have the authority to approve or disapprove all preliminary and final subdivision or land development applications in accordance with the Penn Township 2021-04 Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance found below.

Applications and plot plans for subdivision and land development are to be submitted, with the appropriate review fee, to the Township and to the Cumberland County Planning Department for review and report. The Township requires Plot Plans to be completed by a professional Surveyor/Engineer and will not approve applications until the county review report is received. 

For questions and further information, please contact our Township Engineer:

Paul D. Wilson, P.E.
Wilson Engineering & Consulting LLC
143 Frost Road
Gardners, PA 17324

As evidence of their review and report, officials of the Cumberland County Planning Department will sign final plans which have been formally approved by the Township before such plans are presented for recording by township staff at the Office of Recorder of Deeds in Cumberland County.

The Cumberland County Planning Department (CCPD) is now requiring submission of final/approved AutoCAD files prior to plan recording. The CCPD will NOT sign a plan for recording until this information is received from the applicant, professional surveyor or engineer. (Links to online file downloads are acceptable)

AutoCAD files should be sent to and should include the following:

  1. Parcel Boundaries
  2. Lot Lines
  3. Building Footprints
  4. Road Right-Of-Ways
  5. Edge of Pavement
  6. Declaration of planned communities/condominium documents (including amendments)

Please contact the CCPD for further information regarding their review processes, meeting dates and AutoCAD submission information. Click here to be directed to CCPD Website