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Nearly all structures require a zoning/land use permit regardless of cost, size or portability. Examples include (but are not limited to) the following: new construction, additions, sheds, garages, fences, decks, patios, porches, pools, and new driveways.

The following information is required:

  • A map of the property indicating existing structures, septic, well, and proposed structure(s) showing dimensions of proposed structure and its distance to all property lines in feet.
  • If using a contractor, a Certificate of Insurance from the contractor’s insurance company must be provided as proof of Workers’ Compensation Insurance and Liability Insurance.
  • For new homes the septic permit and driveway permit must be secured prior to receiving the building permit.
  • Construction which results in coverage of impervious surface totaling 1,000 sf. or more will require a Stormwater Management Plan (SMP). This applies to cumulative impervious surface resulting from any construction or surface covered from July 2019 forward. The SMP Plan must be reviewed by and meet with the approval of the township engineer prior to issuance of a permit for new work.

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The Zoning Officer is responsible to see that adherence to the Zoning Ordinance is maintained. Zoning permits are issued by the Zoning Officer for all activities that propose new construction or changes/expansions of the use of a property.

Zoning Officer – Timothy Knepp
(717) 462-0170


Zoning Permit Application Process

1. The Zoning Permit must be filled out completely and signed by the Property Owner.

2. If using a Contractor, a copy of the Contractor’s Insurance Liability must be provided.

3. Attach a legible Site Plan sketch (map) of the property and include the following:
a. Locations of existing structures with their dimensions

b. Locations of proposed structure(s) with their dimensions and the distance from each property line

c. Driveway location with dimensions

d. Location of well and septic system

4. The Zoning Officer will review application and contact property owner with questions or to set appointments for assessment or inspections.

5. A Stormwater Management Permit (SMP) will be required if construction results in coverage of 1,000 Square feet or more of impervious surface. (see Stormwater Management Permit Tab)

6. Township Engineer will review and issue SMP approval.

7.  Zoning Officer will conduct final inspection and issue approval or denial.

8.  Approved permit packets and placards are ready to be picked up at the Township Office.

9.  Almost all new construction will require a Uniform Construction Code (UCC) application and inspection through our third party agency, Middle Department Inspection Agency.