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Zito Media Complaints… Do You Have a Complaint & What Can You Do?

Posted July 10, 2023

The Township has received several resident complaints regarding Zito Media customer service & the elimination of cable box services. The elimination of cable box services has forced residents to purchase Roku or Firestick devices and, in some cases, internet and modems to support the new technology. Other complaints received are in regard to the lack of customer service and general concern for their customers on the part of Zito Media.

If you are also unhappy with their services and would like to file a complaint, we are asking residents to provide a written complaint with a brief description of the problems that you have had or are experiencing and include your name and address.

We are taking the Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease approach, so that we have more leverage when we approach Zito Media with the issues and push for resolution. It will make for a completely different conversation if we have 50, 100, 150+ resident letters to present than if we only have a handful of documented issues and concerns.  It also allows us to make a much better case to other service providers as to why they should consider bringing their services into our township.

Written complaints can be provided by:

  • submitting to the Township Office
  • via email to penntwp@penntwpcc.org
  • the Contact Us link her on the township website

We also encourage everyone to file a complaint with the FCC at https://consumercomplaints.fcc.gov/hc/en-us. This is another arena where we need numbers in order for someone to sit up & take notice on a higher level.