Parks & Recreation

Centerville Community Park Rules
General Park rules:

1. Park hours are from Dawn to dusk
2. NO ALCOHOLIC beverages of any type allowed on the grounds.
3. NO LITTERING of any type.
4. No destruction, removal or defacing of park equipment and structures.
5. All motor vehicles shall park in designated areas. No motorized vehicles of any type allowed on other park areas. This includes ATVs, motorized scooters, motorcycles, trail bikes, snowmobiles or other motorized vehicles. Exception will be for motorized handicap equipment.
6. All pets must be on a leash and under control. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after all pets.
7. All children under 8 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible/adult person.
8. No hunting, trapping or pursuit of any wildlife.
9. No fireworks of any type allowed on grounds.
10. No firearms of any type allowed on grounds.
11. No overnight camping.
12. No open fires other than in designated grills.
13. Pavilion may be rented, and therefore reserved for renters; however, park areas surrounding the pavilion shall remain open to the general public.
14. Teams may reserve fields for soccer, baseball, volleyball etc. however, remaining areas will remain open to the public.
15. No obscene language.
16. Not responsible for accidents.
17. No illegal activities
18. No parking on basketball court

Please help us keep your park a safe and clean place to enjoy your activities while you are visiting!!

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Penn Township Parks and Recreation Board